About Let’s Go Brand Don

We here at Let’s Go Brand Don were frustrated by the Let’s Go Brandon idiots that use the F-word in describing the current president and decided to create an alternative website about our favorite past president we like to Call Mr. Orange.  So we analyzed Mr. Orange traits and had these nice things to say:

Mr. Orange is a real standup guy who believes in family values and has a deep faith in God and Country.  He leads by example and never puts himself above his duty to his country.  He values input from his experienced advisors and executes a plan based on that input even though it may contradict his own gut instinct.   He always fights for the middle class and always seeks to elevate their success even if he has to sacrifice financially himself.  Never will you hear an unkind word spoken in public and would never resort to name calling or making fun of someone’s physical stature.  His seasoned maturity is apparent in all types of public actions and his humility shines brightly and he even likes to poke fun at himself on occasion.    We just can’t say enough nice things about Mr. Orange.


All joking aside, remember the days when presidents were mature and treated others with respect even if they didn’t agree with them?  Remember also when they respected the democratic process and were gracious even in defeat.  Calling the winner to congratulate them on their victory.  SUCH CLASS!




We here at Let’s Go Brand Don would like to thank you for visiting out site.  There’s more to come so please check back with us again.